This octagonal bamboo gazebo is unlike any other octagonal gazebos out there. Why? Because it's the only octagonal gazebo that only has seven posts to support it. 

This unique feature is made possible because of the ingenious method to which the beam was designed and positioned. This configuration results in a super-spacious entrance that boldly exposes the two sides and juts out stylishly the corner of this bamboo octagon structure. And, the most striking feature is the two seemingly floating font roofs.  
The typical octagon gazebo in the market has a 90 degrees backrest. That is because their backrest is basically the rail of the structure that is being extended. The only lame option for them is to employ cushions.
Walo, on the other hand, is the only octagon gazebo in the market which offers the most comfortable seating experience for the user.
Our thoughtful consideration of seating comfort leads us to come up with a simple and practical solution allowing us to offer the most comfortable recline to the users. 








2.70 ø

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