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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your kit come with assembly manual?

Certainly.  We want the entire assembly process to be as less labor intensive as possible for our customers. That is why we provide them with not just a print but also a video demonstrating the entire assembly process. 

Is it possible to use synthetic thatch?

Absolutely. If you want to save your self from the trouble of replacing your thatch in the future, then you could go for synthetic thatch.

Does you product come with a warranty? 

               Yes, Our product comes with a twelve months warranty. 

Are you open for customization?

Yes, we are. Please fill up the form below and submit.  We would be thrilled to help you realize your ideas.

Do the structures requires some footing?

No. All of our standard models are designed to be free-standing. Although, depending on the area where it should be erected, fastening it to the ground is needed as an added precaution to avoid being toppled down by strong winds. 

What exactly is the roofing material used?

The roof is made out of natural palm leaves from the Nipa Frutacan, which is why these structures are commonly known as Nipa Huts because it's basically a hut which has a Nipa thatch making its roof.

Why Buy From Us?

Boo-Bonn produces only the finest garden structures to make your garden a more inviting space to live in. We value your investment by providing you our customers with durable and lasting structure that you and your family could enjoy from season and years to come. All of our products are treated and processed with longevity in mind. 

We understand our product better than any other manufacturers elsewhere because Bamboo Nipa Hut is uniquely Filipino. We value craftsmanship greatly and take extreme pride in the quality of our work. These are proudly manifest in every unit we have produced and will produce onwards.


Unique Designs

When it comes to bamboo garden structure, we have the most unique designs you could ever find elsewhere. We strive to come up with original designs knowing that it is such an important aspect if we wanted to distinguishes ourselves apart from the rest. We manage to produce fresh designs due to our core understanding of the material's strength and limitation. We will be producing new models to cater almost every outdoor or garden functions in the future as we progress.

Sustainable Choice

Bamboo is one of the most renewable natural resources on the planet. Being a grass, you chop it and then it shoots back up again at an astonishing speed. Bamboo can reproduce a structural timber in just 3-5 years. Isn't it ecologically wise and sustainable therefore to introduce bamboo as a replacement for every imaginable application of wood? On our part, we do so by providing consumers a greener choice in choosing a garden structure.   

Value for Money

For many, buying a garden structure represents a significant amount of investment. So it is very important to choose wisely especially in Bamboo Structures. There are many dealers out there who banners cheap and affordable bamboo huts, Tiki bars and other. Take some time to compare those products with other retailers, and you will notice they all have the same peculiar profile. They all have pale appearance and a shaggy thatch, right? Lastly, compare ours against all of them and weigh in. 

Value for money for us is about providing customers with a well built and durable bamboo structure that they and their family could enjoy from years and years to come. Remember that "cheap" and "quality" seldom found in a single package. Such is truer when it comes to these kinds of products. 

Space Considerations

Your space is quite small for a particular model or does have an extra space you want to maximize with. Walk us through, and we will build one to suit your needs. 

Personal Style

Do you have the design that you want us to build? We value creative output from our customers. We'll help you with that. 

Special Projects

Residential or commercial. Kiosk, boutique theme, Glamping, and other forms of recreational applications and purposes that

need our service.

Our Process 


Quality starts on the very first step. By partnering with experienced, trustworthy suppliers, is a guarantee that only the best quality and well-matured bamboo reaches our factory. 


We strictly observed harvesting protocols like for example citing a specific window on when to harvest according to a particular time reference to seasons, prevailing climatic conditions and including lunar behaviors. There are also orientation and transportation methodologies that need to be observed and carried out to achieve the desired quality and appearance of all the bamboo materials harvested. 


Bamboo treatment is no laughing matter; every experienced bamboo trade person knows that. That is why for us, Treatment is of paramount importance to ensure an enduring outdoor bamboo product such as Nipa Huts.


We dip-treat our bamboo right after we have scrape off the outer layer of the bamboo. Scraping happens right harvesting. A day after, all of which will then be delivered to the factory where our treatment pool is. We soak it there for two weeks allowing a thorough permeation of the boric and borax acid solution into every bamboo inside the pool. 


Bamboo is like any other natural material. Therefore, cases of expanding and contracting due to temperature and humidity are indeed inevitable. Failure to consider the moisture content of the bamboo stock before assembling it is catastrophic. It will result in highly noticeable gaps and terrible joinery issues.  

We address this problem by implementing a strict rule on humidity tolerance. We make sure that every length is checked of its moisture level before sending it off to the production area for processing, this ensures us that poles and slats are stable and will hold its form permanently when it is installed and won't shrink afterwards.


We esteemed the crafting mastery of our carpenters. Each clean and perfectly fitted joinery are the testaments to the skill and dedication to the craft that they invested into the making this incredible bamboo structures.  


Our production of every piece relies upon combining old-school manual artisanship and modern carpentry tools and implements. Hole saws for the good old "U" gouge are the primary tool in the production line. Planers, Jointers, and Sanders among others are humming in sporadic harmony on a daily basis. Despite all these mass production equipment, not a single Bahay Kubo will ever take shape if not for these masters. Hats off! 


We give our Nipa Hut a thorough buffing, making sure that every part is sanded accordingly. We then apply a sanding sealer then sanded it off for the first coat. All our products receive a minimum of two coats although this all depends on the client's preference. We only use marine-grade varnish on all our products. There will be no tinting colors, stains to mix or added, this is because we wanted to highlight the natural appearance of the bamboo. 

Packaging &


We need to ensure all the components are of good condition when it reaches its destination. Scratches could mar the high polished varnish, so it is critical to pack every part using cardboard and corrugated carton. The hardware (nuts & bolts)  are packed and labeled according to its slots where it should put in and are put together in a corrugated carton box. Moisture absorber pellets are scattered all over the container to catch every trace of moisture present or might occur while in transit. 

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