Does your kit come with an assembly manual?

Certainly. We want the entire assembly process of your bamboo gazebo to less labor-intensive for our customers as possible. That is why we provide you with not just a print but also a video demonstrating the entire assembly process. 

Is it possible to use synthetic thatch?

Absolutely. If you want to save yourself from the trouble of replacing your thatch in the future, then you could go for synthetic thatch.

Do you offer a warranty for all Bamboo Huts?

Absolutely! Our product comes with a twelve months warranty. 

Are you open to customization?

Yes, we are. Weather customization for furniture or even a bamboo hut itself!


Ask a quick question HERE.

Do the structures require some footing?

No. All of our standard models are designed to be free-standing. Although, depending on the area where it should be erected, fastening it to the ground is needed as an added precaution to avoid being toppled down by strong, prevalent winds. 

What exactly is the roofing material?

The roof is made out of natural palm leaves.

This is why these structures are commonly known as Nipa Huts because it's basically a hut with a Nipa thatch for its roof.

Are all your structures borer-proof?

Yes! With the type of treatment we are currently using, we can guarantee that it will be borer-proof. See our guarantee HERE

How often it needs to be repainted on?

The battered most part is the floor. You need to repaint it at least once a year. For the other parts, you can repaint it every two years. Please note that the varnish we use is marine-grade. It won't crack, whiten or crackled, and peel off.



Unique Designs

When it comes to bamboo garden structures, we have the most unique designs you could ever find elsewhere. We strive to come up with original designs knowing that it is such an important aspect if we wanted to distinguishes ourselves apart from the rest.


We manage to produce fresh designs due to our core understanding of the material's strengths and limitations. We will be producing new models to cater to almost every outdoor or garden function in the future as we progress.

Sustainable Choice

Bamboo is one of the most renewable natural resources on the planet. Being a grass, you chop it, and then it shoots back up again at an astonishing speed. Bamboo can reproduce a structural timber in just 3-5 years.


Isn't it ecologically sustainable and wise therefore to introduce bamboo as a replacement for every imaginable application of wood? On our part, we do so by providing consumers a greener choice in choosing a garden structure.   

Value for Money

Value for money for us is about providing customers with a well-built and durable bamboo structure that they and their family could enjoy for years and years to come. 

Buying a garden structure represents a significant investment. So it is very important to scrutinize wisely especially in Bamboo hut structures. There are many dealers out there who banners cheap and affordable bamboo pergola, Tiki bars, bamboo gazebos, and others.

Remember that "cheap" and "quality" seldom found in a single package. Such is truer when it comes to these kinds of products. 

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