This modern bamboo gazebo is an absolute and eye candy, a natural center of attraction wherever she maybe. 

Your neighbors sure would be envy, coz' they can experience it as per your invitation only.

Her well-elevated stance, which makes her stood out so well, can do two things for you.

First is, it will provide you with a commanding view of your gardens' beautiful scenery. And, it allows you to feel the generous blow of your garden's sleep-inducing floral scented breeze.

Imagine reading a book while sipping a cup of coffee on a glorious sunny day. Don't you worry, there's a space to park the mug.


Coz' there's a piece of furniture in the middle, for which, to no surprise, happens to be a coffee table.

Notice the ledge at the back? That's for your cocktails & beer. Look up right above it is a wine glass hanger.

She'll become even more stunning during the evening.


That is when the drama is created by the warm yet soft ambient lighting. 

No wires to mess the eyes. It will just glow to set the night for you. 


2.00 x 2.20






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