Its name will evoke a classic picture of a fun-filled tropical beach escapade, especially for those who's been or have known the island for which this bamboo gazebo is named.

This bamboo hut design is a classic too, the base form for all the bamboo designs in the Philippines.

Its most iconic element of this model is the distinct "Z' design of the opposing front panel. Perched on top of the front rail panel is a small ledge for your favorite cocktails and beers.

It can seat six individuals comfortably with its super sturdy seat modules. The backrest is perfectly inclined to the most comfortable recline.

A beautifully-crafted Bamboo dining table is right there at the center, ready to be of service. The table is flat. There are no bumps, just flat so that your flute glass sits still. 

So whether you come under it for dining or to simply make it as a warm garden space, this bamboo gazebo will happily do
its service to you.    






1.95 x 1.75


1.60 x 1.60



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