World's finest bamboo hut structures.


Let our premium garden structures provide you a soothing tropical ambiance. Making you feel like you're on a constant vacation right within your backyard!




The look, the stance, and the curves are all modern. This design could complement almost any type of environment it perches into.    

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Playhouse Uno

Pretend restaurant play with your kids will be a fantastic family bonding activity.

A tiny piece of happiness in your backyard.

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A great place to dine while sipping a glass of wine. A guaranteed fun-flowing time under the Alegre.

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No ordinary octagonal gazebo.

The only seven-post octagonal gazebo ever built. Reducing its post results in a very wide entrance. Learn more...➣➢ 


This Bamboo hut is superbly versatile.

Erect it as a bare four-legged tent or add up a bar-counter, stools, bamboo furniture

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Tolda (Gran Cervesa)

A bamboo hut for poolside BBQ parties on weekends. A post-to-post cabinet to store dining essentials and a wine glass hanger rack.

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Great garden space to while away your afternoons. Or gather up your friends for an intimate cocktail party under it.

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Sneak this easily in your tiny backyard. This four-seater  Bamboo hut is perfect for bistros and pubs for an alfresco dining experience.

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Our love and dedication for bamboo-craft along with our attention to detail are what sets us apart.

Design & Build 

We offer design and build services for domestic projects. We will help you realize your vision, whether it be residential or commercial or projects.

Wanted to build your project using bamboo but does not know anyone capable of realizing it? You are in the right place. Talk to us about your project in mind. ​

Hotels & Resorts

Bamboo Huts and Beach are best of friends, mutually complementing each other projecting an idyllic tropical beach-life living.


Delight your guest with a relaxing retreat under the cool shade of our natural Nipa thatch roof.


Serve a glass of piña colada for the most satisfying treat you could serve to your guest after scorching sunbathing. 


Garden Structure Distributors

Bamboo Nipa huts are sure to be an exciting addition to your range of garden structures.


Bringing out a richer contrast between the traditional styles and materials on the typical structures.


Bamboo has its own distinct, and enthralling charm that is incomparable with any wooden structure. 


Glamping Resort

We will provide you with a tailored design solution to suit your specific project requirements.


We will design you a Bamboo glamping structure that every single one of your guests would love to bring along with them when they leave, Guaranteed!


We are eager and ready to pitch our bamboo design solutions in the Glamping industry. Be the first to work with us! 

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